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Collection Champs Flammarion

Published since the late 1970s by Flammarion, Champs is a collection devoted to social and human sciences. A notable feature of the French intellectual landscape, the consistency of their identifying features (particularly the use of yellow) makes these paperback books easily recognizable. The aim of this project, initiated in 2007, was to update and, at the same time, perpetuate the collection’s design. Each of the different subsections making up the collection follows a set of iconographic rules that allows it to be identified: “Champs histoire” has images against a colored background with superimposed text, “Champs actuel” has a number of cuttings arranged around a centrally-placed title, while “Champs classiques” features a picture of the author. The studio designed more than a hundred new covers in the first two years of collaboration. This system of cover design is still employed by Flammarion today.


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